Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tamarack Foundation Gala

Giacomo wants me to tell you about the Tamarack Foundation Gala to be held at the Tamarack Conference Center this Saturday night. I will do even better, on Giacomo's behalf, I will extend the invitation that follows:

Join us in celebrating the arts,
cuisine and culture of Venice.
Your attendance and support will benefit the Tamarack
Foundation Artisan Relief Program and education and
training opportunities to help strengthen and preserve
our artisan entrepreneurial communities.

Saturday, October 29, 2005
6:30 pm
The Terrace and Ballroom
Tamarack, Beckley, West Virginia

Serenaded by violinist Adam DeGraff and pianist Lynn Wright,
enjoy delicious canapés while browsing generously donated works
of leading Tamarack artisans at the silent auction.
Master of Ceremonies, Larry Groce, welcomes renowned auctioneer,
Ken Farmer, of Antiques Road Show for an exciting live limited-item auction.*
Experience the culinary cuisine of Venice as presented by The Greenbrier.
Dance to the multi-talented Soul Doctors,
led by Tamarack’s juried artist, Steve Payne.
Black tie optional. Masks encouraged.
* Visit for a gallery of auction items.
Giacomo says he hopes to see you there!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sharing a Favorite Photo from Ren Faire

Hello! I've been very busy with a trip to D.C. and Bridge Day, so I've not had time to blog. I did want to share another favorite photo from Tamarack's Renaissance Faire. I donned a veil and hung out with the belly dancers for a little while.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Visiting the Shire of Tamarack

At the risk of hurting the feelings of any of my new friends from the Tamarack Renaissance Faire, I have selected just a few of the photos that my personal photographer and Paparazzo, Mr. Gary Hartley, took of me at Tamarack's Renaissance Faire today. (This guy just followed me everywhere, snapping photo after photo.)
Jeff's Bread was a knockout! I felt like I must me in a big-city, neighborhood ethnic market, like the Italian Market in Philadelphia. It was so cool. Sweeteez is another that I can't fail to mention. How can I ignore people who are not only the sweetest people you'll ever hope to meet, but who give samples of their fudge on a stick that includes my favorite combination of peanut butter and banana! For those of you who aren't sock monkeys, they have other flavors as well. Here I am with their West Virginia special - coal cookies. The photo of the day has to be of Dina Brown of Pottery by Nova. Her two partners, Nancy O'Farrell and Diana Pittis, may have been smart to stay shy of the camera for this one. I love the idea that they market themselves together like they do. Kudos to Dina for staying in character (and being a character) all day today! Move over Sally Sock Monkey! I adore this beautiful maiden sculpted by Karen Sparks. I am in love, my lady. Do you think a sock monkey can find happiness with a woman of wood?

The only part of the day that I didn't like was when Lady Truepenny (a.k.a. Thickpenny) put me in the stocks. That was no fun and I didn't even know why I was being punished!

Kelly Noll was delighted by the white rat of pirate Sly Fox. This was the first visit to the Faire for the Noll family.

Here is a whole new group of recruits for the Friends of Sock Monkeys. Students from the Academy at Mountain State University volunteered in the children's craft tent today. (From left to right: Clint, Todd, Abby, Sara, Andrea and Victor.)

Darlene, here is Lady Truepenny's dress. You asked to see how it looks.

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