Friday, September 28, 2007

Where's ARTIE?

A week has passed and Artie is still missing. Tamarack sock monkeys are beginning to become concerned for his safety. A new message has come that says:

"Artie is safe...for now. If you want him returned unharmed, you will follow our instructions to the letter. You will receive another message soon."

Please, can any one help us find Artie?


Friday, September 21, 2007


Oh, no! Artie is missing! I returned from a meeting at Arrowmont in Tennessee to discover that he had been monkey-napped!

I received this photo of Artie, bound and gagged, being held at the point of a plastic knife. The anonymous note says:

"We have Artie!! Don't call the cops! You will be instructed what to do!"

Oh dear, I am so worried. The last time I saw Artie was Friday night one week ago at the Tamarack Fine Art Gallery opening for the Wildlife show.

Who would do such a thing? Can anyone help me find Artie? Tamarack will be lost without him...


Cheryl Hartley