Friday, August 26, 2005

More Sock Monkeys Arriving Daily

In my efforts to recruit more members to the West Virginia Sock Monkey Association, I always greet the new sock monkeys as they arrive at Tamarack. I know you think these monkeys may be suffocating, but they're not. As stuffed animals, we sock monkeys don't have to breathe. Also, sock monkeys like to to bunch up in piles like this. We do this a lot in barrels. My convivial friend, Josh, works hard to get everyone to their destination quickly.


Saturday, August 20, 2005

Guido with Keith Urban

Do you remember my friend Guido? He's the monkey that plays the thumb piano. Guido visited the West Virginia State Fair this week. He and Polly had tickets to the Keith Urban concert on August 16. When Keith heard that he had a sock monkey in the audience, he called Guido up to perform with him. Guido sang and the crowd went wild! I'm sure Guido's musical career is about to take off. Now, if the 1937 Flood will invite him to perform, he'll know he's made the big time!

Voting on the State Animal

Things heat up at Tamarack between the sock monkeys and the sock bears. Voting continues through the end of August. Visit the toy department to cast your ballot - pink for bears or blue for monkeys. I encourage you to be a good citizen and participate in our democracy.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Sock Bears? Horrors!

I was strolling through Tamarack when Beth Sock Bear stopped to introduce herself. She let me know that she has started a blog campaigning to keep the bear as the State Animal of West Virginia.

I looked around and I realized that there are sock bears everywhere! They think they're so adorable...


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Top Ten Reasons to Like Sock Monkeys

The controversy about bears and sock monkeys continues. Here are the Top Ten Reasons to Like Sock Monkeys More than Bears:

10. Sock monkeys like to travel.
9. Sock monkeys contribute to the economy of West Virginia.
8. Sock monkeys can swing by their tails.
7. Sock monkeys don’t shed.
6. Sock monkeys are more intelligent than bears.
5. Sock monkeys have a keen appreciation for art.
4. Sock monkeys don’t eat garbage.
3. Sock monkeys are kind to babies and children.
2. Sock monkeys are good listeners.

And, the number one reason to like sock monkeys better than bears is:
1. Sock monkeys are more convivial than bears!


*framed art by Rob Cleland

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Visit to Kimball

I visited Kimball in McDowell County this week as a guest of McArts. They threw quite a banquet in my honor, but as you can see, I was uncharacteristically gluttonous. Being overwhelmed by everyone's hospitality, I ate myself into a stupor. Kathy Kish from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph caught me in this snapshot in what, I have to admit, was not one of my finer moments. Still sock monkeys have high metabolisms, so I was feeling my convivial self again quite soon. My thanks to Jean Battlo for organizing such a nice event.
Best regards,

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Knot a Pretty Picture

I spotted these fellow sock monkeys at the recent festivities for Fenton's 100th Anniversary. A picture of Steve Conlon of Thistledew Farm wearing his famous bee beard was enough to make these guys "fit to be tied." At the risk of "beeing" a little silly, I would say that all those bees are "knot my cup of tea."


Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Birthday, Sally Sock Monkey!

I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to Sally Sock Monkey. Please don't tell her, but I feel beyond convivial when I think of her. Sally is a very sophisticated sock monkey, because she lives in the big city of Charleston, WV. Do you think she would ever like a plain, country sock monkey like me?

Guido and Polly

I'd like to extend a convivial welcome to Guido and Polly, the two newest members of the West Virginia Sock Monkey Association. Guido has recovered from his injury at the paws of a vicious canine and, now, thanks to a large settlement from his personal injury lawsuit, he and Polly are living the Good Life. In their leisure time, they like to travel and to play the thumb piano. When interviewed, Polly said, "It is our fondest wish to start a thumb piano band. Surprisingly, we sock monkeys can be awesome thumb piano musicians, even though we have no thumbs. We hope someday to play at Tamarack with The 1937 Flood."

Monday, August 01, 2005

Commentary from Artie

WV Sock Monkey has been holding a membership drive for the West Virginia Sock Monkey Association. With all due respect, he seems to be handing out the title of "Honorary Sock Monkey" rather blithely these days. First, he bestowed the title on Mr. Phil Kabler of the Charleston Gazette, which was fine. Now, however, he is seeking the title for Stella, a dog living in is household. Stella may be a very fine dog and quite convivial, but as most sock monkeys know, dogs can be a little rough on sock monkeys. A sock monkey friend of mine, Guido, was torn from limb to limb by a canine who mistook him for a dog toy. It was a very frightening incident.

I would like to suggest that Stella begin by joining the Friends of Sock Monkeys. Should she prove herself convivial enough, we can vote on the honorary title later.