Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Artie Returns

Hi, everbody! I'm back! I hope you missed me just like I missed all of you.

I spent the winter in Akumal, Mexico, south of Cancun. The climate was fabulous, but I love West Virginia, and I began to get homesick toward the end.

I made a new friend at the Oasis - a towel elephant. He was my kind of party animal! Nothing like hanging out at the pool with the towel pachyderm!

I worked on my tan and practiced my Spanish. I feel I did a good job of assimilating to the culture. Naturally, very few people had met a West Virginia sock monkey, so I consider this trip as fulfilling my mission to promote West Virginia around the world.

I am hoping to join First Lady Gayle Manchin on a trade mission the next time she needs a Spanish translator. I think that would be muy bien!

Nos vemos en Tamarack!

Su amigo,